We help you build their future 

Child Day Care, Maryland

Language & Literacy:

Your child develops listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies to understand and to appreciate the value of literacy. We develop our special story time. We are teaching to our toddlers and preschoolers how to recognize and learn the names and sounds of the letters. Our lesson plans have activities to cover Language one of the important domains in child development.

These activities may include: circle time, naming items that start with the letters in the Alphabet, singing the ABC songs, drawing pictures, reading books, completing puzzles, etc. Also, they will be involved in pre-writing activities

For young infants (0 - 9 months) and mobile infants (8 - 18 months) we will guide them through physical, cognitive, language and social activities to ensure that their development and growth are on the right path.


This is the perfect time for your child  learn all about trees and leaves. We will take the children outdoor for a nature walk around the neighborhood, allowing them to explore the outdoors.

Doing this, they will learn different types of trees, tree trunks, and leaves and collect a variety of these item in a safe manner.

They will be encouraged to look for tree roots that may be exposed while learning that trees are living things and we do not want to harm them. Of course, there will be play and snack time. Back in the classroom, children are allowed to discuss their outdoor observations. The more important objective is to help children realize that answers about their own surrounding  and the world can be discovered through their investigations. Also during this time, children will be working on craft projects related to this subject.


In Kokito Child Day Care, your children are learning the names and the value of numbers.

Though our activities focus in this important domain, they will learn math concepts such as: counting, adding, and subtracting. These skills are useful in everyday problem-solving, even while creating and playing.

Our math activities also include teaching names and concepts of shapes and colors.

More Domains:

Our effort to help your children to learn and develop their skills does not stop at teaching math or science to make them be ready for kindergarten.

There are more important domains that your child learns in our program such as:

-Social Emotional: Every day your child builds character, self-esteem and sense of confidence, and learn working well with others.

-Creative Arts: Music, dance, dramatic play and art activities all lead to valuable brain development, creativity, and self-confidence.

-Social Studies: We teaching them the appreciation for different  cultures and languages while gaining awareness of their place in family, school, community, country and world.

-Physical Development: Your child participates in our appropriately designed physical activities that helping them develops motor skills, coordination and body control.

We teaching them good eating habits and they learns make healthy choices.